Welcome to Kris Tschetter Creations!

I was introduced to jewelry making by my amazing friend Heidi. She made me a necklace a few years back with four gemstones and a charm. The charm had "Best" on one side and "Friends" on the other – and the Friendship Necklace was born! I started making jewelry myself because it was something my girls Lainey (8) and Kyra (7) and I could do together. My daughters love hanging with Mom in the jewelry room!

I've always been drawn to holistic healing, and many of the gemstones I use have physical and metaphysical healing properties. I find I am drawn to certain gemstones, and when I learn about their healing properties, I understand why. I think my friend, Amy Grant, said it best one day when we were talking about all of the healing that comes from nature. She said, "Maybe God made these things beautiful so we would be drawn to them and receive their healing."

(For more information on the properties of gemstones, follow this link.)

Many of my necklaces have a color scheme, for instance, the Friendship Necklaces shown here. My inventory of stones and pearls is always changing, though, so the necklace you receive may not be identical to the picture here on my website – but it will be as close as my current supply of gemstones and pearls will allow.

Choose a color and a charm; and if you don't see the color or charm you want, send me an e-mail and I will see what I can do. I want to make you happy, so send me your ideas and requests and I will do my best.

My jewelry is whimsical and fun. I make what I like, and I hope you like it as well!

Look around. Enjoy. Peace and love, Kris.