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September 8 - 9, 2013

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"I never tire of hearing Hogan stories. These stories are special, though. My profound thanks to Kris for sharing her personal thoughts and remembrances of a man so few knew well. This book finally brings to light his humorous and sensitive side. I loved it.” 

Ben Crenshaw, Masters Champion, 1984 and 1995 

After a formidable career, Kris has taken a step back to remember a time, place and person that helped form her.  She has finally written about her friendship with her mentor Ben Hogan. "Mr. Hogan the Man I Knew" is not just a book about golf or Ben Hogan.  It is a book about relationships and it captures the magical connection that sometimes happens in life. It is the story of a friendship between two people whose age difference spans almost 2 generations and the unlikely friendship that started back in 1983 when she became a member at Shady Oaks CC in Fort Worth, Texas.